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Thursday, 13 June 2013 (4:52 PM)

You gotta love those babies!

p> /p>p>img title="listing - /uploads_alpacas/x12680_21421_tn_CIMG1569.jpg" src="http://beta.alpacanation.com/images/uploads_alpacas/x12680_21421_tn_CIMG1569.jpg" alt="listing - /uploads_alpacas/x12680_21421_tn_CIMG1569.jpg" width="270" height="202" />/p>p>The crias (alpaca babies) are all here for the season.  We have 7 this year....3 girls and 4 boys.  Last year was a girl year.  We had 6 girls and 2 boys.  We find that it all evens out in the end.  Some years you have more boys, and some years more girls, but all in all....it evens out to about 50/50.  The boys and girls can have really different personalities, even from birth.  Most of the boys tend to be rough and tumbly....running, jumping on each other and wanting to neck wrestle.  Usually, the girls tend to be a little more feminine.  They don't relish getting jumped on, although they do like to run and jump.   We made a hill in each of the fields that the crias stay in.  They love to play King of the Hill!  Their most favorite time for play is in the evening, just before dusk.  All of a sudden, there are babies running everywhere.  It's quite entertaining to watch, especially when they start to pronk.  Pronking is when they start to run, then bounce on all 4 legs, springing high up in the air as if they are celebrating life!/p>p>We bred for a variety of colors last year, and that is what we got!  We have 2 whites, a rose grey, a silver grey, a brown, a black and a fawn.  In order of colors, we have Magnitude (Maggie), Aftershock (Shockey), Portia, Cicero, Wild Knight, Brutus and Calpurnia (Callie)./p>

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